Gaspé is located in an exceptional natural haven

The town of Gaspé is located in an exceptionally magnificent natural harbour, the Gaspé Bay. Breathtaking landscapes of ocean, rivers, beaches and mountains await the angler on his quest for Atlantic salmon.

Beyond its 3 salmon rivers, the York, the Dartmouth and the St-Jean, the town of Gaspé and its well developed ecotourism ind ustry will never leave you without something exciting to do. You may want to relax after long days on the rivers with a massage or a round of Golf at Fort Prevel. Maybe scuba diving in Forillon national Park with hundreds of seals would be your cup of tea. Or maybe just a day off on one of Gaspé’s 5 beaches would do the trick. Between excellent dining, summer maritime nightlife and Gaspé’s abundant adventure tourism industry, the town won’t let you down!