Quality fishing

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The Saint-Jean River flows for a distance of 121 km from its source in the Monts Chic-Chocs into Gaspé Bay, near the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula. Its crystalline waters flash emerald, linden, and absinthe green. Thirty kilometres of river are reserved exclusively for clients of the Lodge. Powerboats are prohibited and there is no traffic noise. There are more than 50 pools in the Saint-Jean River for groups of 6 to 10 anglers, depending on the season. Pools such as the Big Indian and Maitland are world-renowned and can each hold up to 300 salmon! It’s therefore not by chance that our success rate is 50%.Fishing on the Saint-Jean is, firstly, the exceptional sensation of going down the river with your guide in a canoe – an unexpectedly exalting experience that, in itself, warrants a stay at the Saint-Jean Lodge.
Exploring the river is also the pleasure of a simple picnic on the shore as you enjoy a preserved natural area, sheltered from excessive tourism and development.But any salmon angler will tell you that total bliss is dry fly fishing in the ideal setting, and the Saint-Jean River offers nothing less. Clear waters, teeming pools, and a pair of waders…like an open window.All that’s left, dear angler, is for you to cast your line.


Gaspé is a region in Eastern Canada that has been sheltered from the excesses of industrialization. Because the river runs through a wildlife preserve, its entire environment is therefore subject to strict legislation to protect the ecosystem.

Every year since 2001, on average, 1 200 salmon have swum up the Saint-Jean and the Lodge has exclusive fishing rights on a significant portion of the river, which runs some one hundred kilometres. This explains the high number of catches. It goes without saying that it is very important to protect the salmon and, for that reason, throughout most of the season, we catch and release the large fish.

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