Our Team

Our staff members are known for their loyalty, friendliness and experience, and they will see to your comfort and safety throughout your stay. In fact, most of our staff members have received first-aid training.

They will be your hosts, fulfilling your accommodation needs and your sporting and recreational expectations, in French or in English. At the Saint-Jean Lodge, your entire day will be devoted to angling with a guide who will ensure your safety and also share with you the secrets of the river. Nighttime, of course, is your time to relax.

The manager

éric dubéÉric Dubé
Éric has been working for the corporation that manages the Lodge for the past twenty years and was named the hotel’s director in 2007. He firmly believes in teamwork and is very proud of his staff. Particularly sensitive to his clients’ needs, Éric will do everything possible to ensure that your stay is an enjoyable one.

Fishing Guides


09072013-JG1_8450Gaétan Bond
Gaétan’s 32 years as a guide have made him a man of experience! He’s even led expeditions to the mythical island of Anticosti but it was the St-Jean that won him over. Talk to him and you’ll learn a lot.


09072013-JG1_8456Allen Morency
As a guide at the Lodge for the past 15 years, Allen has watched a lot of water flow and seen many salmon jump, but he’s especially happy when there’s a catch at the end of your line! Just like our other guides, he’s always nearby and ready to lend a hand.


09072013-JG1_8451Gary Boulet
Another man of experience! He has worked for the corporation since 1983 and spent 14 years working in the wildlife preserve. He began his career in 1979 as a part-time guide and has been a full-time guide at the Lodge since 1998….just your average guy who’s just wild about salmon!




09072013-JG1_8449Dave Adams
Dave is a brilliant young guide with a long fishing experience.  Dave started fly fishing for atlantic salmon on the Gaspé rivers at the age of 7.  He has been guiding professionnaly since 2004 and is a member of the St-Jean Lodge team since 2008.




09072013-JG1_8453Drapper Clark
Drapper proudly represents the next generation of Atlantic salmon fishing guides of the St-Jean Lodge.  A young man with many years already under his belt.






Mario Fournier

Mario is a busy man, luckilly for the St-Jean Logde, he has the time between bear and moose in Matane and deer in Anticosti to guide on the beautiful st-Jean River.  It’s hard to stop Mario until you have a FISH ON!



Kitchen Team

pierre-louis cotéPierre-Louis Côté (chef)
Pierre-Louis has been a chef for the past fourteen years and has been the Lodge’s executive chef for the last nine. He stays abreast of the latest news from the culinary world and will surprise you with his specialties. Always in a good mood and aiming to please, he can’t wait for you to try some of his dishes!



lise francoeur
Lise Francoeur (assistant-cook).                                        Lise hase been with the St-Jean Lodge team since 2013.  She is a very hard-working woman rich of many years in the dining industry.  Her presence at the lodge is a must for the well function of the camp.