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Daily passes and licenses

Catch and release of large salmon





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Daily Passes and Licenses

To facilitate or accelerate the registration and issuing of licenses and daily passes, you must send us the following information via e-mail or fax:

  1. The names of the anglers and their complete mailing addresses.
  2. Each angler’s fishing license information. If you do not have a fishing license, we will issue one for you with pleasure. Please advise in advance whether you want a license with tags or catch and release.


The success rate of anglers at the Saint-Jean Lodge is 50%!

How did we come to this figure? The average number of salmon during the spawning runs is determined based on a count carried out by divers in September of each year. In the last five years, it has been estimated that approximately 1 160 salmon thrive in the Saint-Jean each year, half of which are in the sector of the Lodge. This explains why our clients are sure to fish out a high number of salmons. The Lodge sells, on average, 615 fishing days each year and 310 salmon are typically caught and released. This is how we can affirm that our success rate is 50%.

Catch and Release of Large Salmon

From 1998 to 2006, all of the large salmon caught in the Saint-Jean River had to be released. Only specimens measuring less than 63 cm (grilse) could be captured. For 25 years, the Ministry of Natural Ressources and wildlife has carried out annual research projects on salmon populations of two Rivers in Québec, one of which is the St-Jean. Under the ministries’ request, we provide information on the large salmon. Since 2007, for scientific follow-up and research purposes, beginning August 1st, it is permitted to capture a maximum of 50 large salmon. As of August 1st, the client of the Lodge are permitted to capture one large salmon per stay. These measures do not have any negative impacts on the spawning runs because the Saint-Jean River is very healthy. Since 2001, on average, over 1 160 salmon have swum up the Saint-Jean each year.

Happy fishing!


The town of Gaspé is located in an exceptionally magnificent natural harbour, the Gaspé Bay. Breathtaking landscapes of ocean, rivers, beaches and mountains await the angler on his quest for Atlantic salmon.

Beyond its 3 salmon rivers, the York, the Dartmouth and the St-Jean, the town of Gaspé and its well-developed ecotourism industry will never leave you without something exciting to do. You may want to relax after long days on the rivers with a massage or a round of Golf at Fort Prevel. Maybe scuba diving in Forillon national Park with hundreds of seals would be your cup of tea. Or maybe just a day off on one of Gaspé’s 5 beaches would do the trick. Between excellent dining, summer maritime nightlife and Gaspe’s abundant adventure tourism industry, the town won’t let you down!

If you prefer to plan these activities yourself and learn more about the tourist attractions in our municipality and region, we recommend these Web sites:

Gaspé tourism:

The Office du tourisme et des congrès de Gaspé:

For more personalized arrangements, please contact us.


A few things that you should not forget:

Fishing equipment:

  • Fishing vest
  • Wading boots (high)
  • Fly rod
  • Reel
  • Silk floss, backing and rig
  • Flies (wet and dry flies)
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses with polarized lenses
  • Knives, scissors, snips
  • Small, portable flashlight
  • Floater vest
  • Fishing license


  • Windbreaker
  • Raincoat
  • Warm sweater
  • Long-sleeved summer shirt
  • T-shirt
  • Pants/jeans
  • Comfortable clothes for evenings
  • Underclothes, socks, etc.
  • Hat, cap
  • Shoes
  • Toilet-case
  • Etc.

Need to rent fishing gear? We have GLoomis rods and SIMMS wadders at Our Boutique.


You may, of course, bring your own alcoholic beverages.

The Lodge offers wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages with dinner.


In the 19th century, the Saint-Jean was already known as one of North America’s finest rivers because of its combative salmon and the striking beauty of the Gaspesian landscape. It was even said to be the richest fishing ground of the greater Gaspé three rivers: the Saint-Jean, the York, and the Dartmouth. At the time though, it was at the exclusive disposition of a wealthy Bostonian.

Later in the 1870s, Canada’s Governor General Lord Dufferin began making frequent visits to the river with his wife, inviting ambassadors and friends. Below is an eloquent and remarkably charming passage taken from Lady Dufferin’s journal and dating back to July 1873:

Friday, 11th Finding an invitation from an American gentleman to go up his river, the St. John, and to stay with him. We accept; so we go onboard the Druid, wash and dress better than is possible in a tent, and in two hours begin a new adventure.

We drive for half an hour, cross a stream in a boat, walk a little way and then meet six saddle-horses. Then we mount and ride for three hours through the forest; five miles of the way being through a burnt wood. The tall, charred trunks are all that remain of the old forest, but a beautiful fresh underwood has grown up everywhere. This ride brings us to Mr. Curtis’s “shanty” on the St. John. (…)

Saturday, 12th After breakfast this morning, we got into canoes and were four hours going up the river. However, we stopped five times on our way to fish, and so the time did not appear long. We only caught trout thus far, but we have reached “Kelly’s Pool” and are told that here salmon will surely come. D. [Lord Dufferin] catches one (18 lbs.) almost immediately. Mr. Curtis hooks one for me, and hands me the rod but in so doing, off it comes (…)

The St-Jean Lodge was built to accommodate sportsmen in the 1950s and was entirely rebuilt recently. Today, the Lodge’s world-renowned reputation remains founded on the standards and noble values of its patrons, who are among Europe’s and American’s most demanding salmon anglers.