Société de gestion des rivières de Gaspé

Three salmon rivers,
One responsible resource management,
One passionate team with client service at heart.


The SGRG is a non-profit organization that has been managing sport fishing for Atlantic salmon on the York River since 1980, the Dartmouth since 1983 and finally the St-Jean since 1993.

The mission of the SGRG is to manage the sport fishing of Atlantic salmon on Gaspé’s three rivers with respect of the principles, laws and rules which are attributed to controlled exploitation zones and fauna reserves.  Furthermore, the SGRG aims to ensure preservation and protection of the salmon ressource, develop an educational approach sensitive to the environnement, while ensuring the financial well being of the organization.

The SGRG is managed by a board of directors which are elected annually at the general assembly.  It counts 35 employees who build a team that is dynamic, welcoming and wary of the quality of the stay of our clients.

The SGRG and its team wish you an unforgettable stay in the town of Gaspé.


mathieu côté

Mathieu Côté, President