St-Jean River

The St-Jean River is considered to be one of the best salmon rivers in Québec. Located at the eastern tip of the Gaspé Peninsula and is originated from the Monts Chic-Choc, the St-Jean River over a distance of 121 km into the lagoon of Douglastown in the city of Gaspé.

Fishing period from May 25th to September 30th

Salmon are entirely catch and release from May 25th to July 31st inclusively. A quota of 50 large salmon is allowed from August 1st.

  • Pool can be accessed by car
  • Paved roads
  • Wading pools, no canoe required (except for sector 4 during high water conditions)
  • Guides are not required to fish, however, private guides offer their services for those interested

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The Saint Jean River is divided into 3 fishable zones. Zone 1 is an 8 rod zone covering 14 pools.

Zone 2 allows access to 7 pools for 2 rods. Sector 4, or the Pavilion zone, is fished from the prestigeous St- Jean Pavilion lodge that offers meals, lodging, and professional guides. This zone contains 50 pools and is available for up to 8 rods. Fishing Periods : May 25th - September 30th. The St-Jean is catch and release from May 25th to July 31st inclusively. A quota of 50 large salmon is allowed as of August 1st.

Accessible from the north side of the Saint Jean, Blackwells is a long section of water offering excellent fishing prospects in June and early July. It is usually fished from the river's north shore and a canoe is recommended during high water conditions.

Burnett's deep pothole pool is near a high cliff face. Salmon tend to hold up at the lower part of the pool against the cliff. It offers superb fishing in June and July 

Little Fork tends to hold salmon year-round. Wet flies are very effective in high and medium water levels. A well-dressed dry fly is lethal as water conditions lower.

Bluff's pool starts with a stretch of moderately fast current that terminates in a large, deep pool just below a cliff. Wet fly fishing is recommended from the St-Jean's north side, but it is better fished from below the large hole with dry flies casted upstream. It shelters salmon from June through September.

Flat Rock is a long run of moderate current flowing into a small clear, waxy pool. Anglers should be cautioned to keep back because the fish often lie close to the bank. It is considered a first class dry fly pool.

Wild rose is wet fly water. The pool is made up of fast rapids and salmon are often located near the end of the footpath. Anglers should start at the upstream section of the pool and work their way down, covering as much water as possible.

This beautiful stretch of water is reserved for 2 anglers. It is primarily a canoe run and offers an excellent stretch of water in June and July. Lady Gray is the most productive pool in this sector and is best described as a short rapid that empties into a deep pool. Wet fly territory is the order of the day due mostly to the fact that salmon rest in these pools in high water only. Guides are not required.

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