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Log Jam report, April 14th 2015

The winter phase of the St-Jean River log jam dismantlement ended on February 28th 2015.  The cold temperatures allowed great access to all sectors of the log jam.  Gestion AJ’s team was therefore able to remove all wood lying in the south channel of the St-Jean River.   All that is left are small pieces of wood that the heavy machinery could not grasp.  Theses pieces of wood should be flushed as the river rises this spring.  The SGRG will inspect the south channel of the St-Jean river after the snow melts and clean any new driftwood in this sector.

Le secteur de l'embâcle avant la crue 2015

Le secteur de l’embâcle avant la crue 2015

Log Jam report, February 12th 2015

The cold temperatures of the last weeks allowed machinery and trucks to navigate at ease in the special work place of the St-Jean River log jam project.  Indeed, the river is now covered with over 20 inches of ice.  The upper section of the log jam is now completely dismantled.  Joel Mailloux, owner of Gestion AJ, estimates that 10 days should be enough to complete the lower section of the log jam and dismantle the temporary access roads.

P1030996  P1030981  P1030999

Log jam report January 28th 2015:

This week was a landmark in the log jam project as the transport trucks began carrying wood from the river to the piling area.  A team of 2 trucks and 2 shovels were in operation this week.  More machinery is expected to arrvive next week.  Gestion AJ managed to clean and carry the wood from approximately 300 linear meters of river.  Only 900 m left to go!  Stay tuned for more updates.

embacle01 embacle02 embacle04 embacle06 embacle07

Log jam report January 22nd 2015:

The temporary access roads to all sectors of the log jam and the piling area are completed.  Gestion AJ is now proceeding with tests in order to optimize its wood collecting method.  The transport of the wood of the logjam to the piling area should begin shortly.  The warm weather and rain we had on January 19th increased the water levels of the St-Jean River.  However, the temporary access roads and bridges held out fine.

P1030415 P1030412 P1030395 P1030392


Log jam report January 15th 2015:

The team from Gestion AJ will complete the temporary access roads and the piling ground by friday January 16th.  These roads will allow complete access to all sectors of the log jam for the dismantlement.  Dismantlement of the log jam should start next week.

PicMonkey Collage embacle 4 (2)BIMG_0685

The Société de gestion des rivières de Gaspé is glad to announce that the St-Jean River log jam dismantlement project will be undertaken during the winter of 2015.  A contract has been signed with the Gestion AJ Inc of Rimouski for the completion of the mandate which started in November 2014.

The objective of the dismantlement of the log jam is to ensure that the atlantic salmon population of the St-Jean River maintains access to its reproductive territory which will therefore preserve the salmon resource on this beautiful River.  The dismantlement will be done in 2 phases.  The Winter phase, which will be done between November 2014 and March 2015, will consist in removing the majority of the wood from the jam with heavy machinery.  Non-usable wood will be stacked in a piling lot beyond 60 m from the river shore.  The spring phase will be done between April and september 2015 and will consist in the final, manual cleaning of the log jam sector.

The estimated cost of the project is of 548 000$.  This amount includes the complete dismantlement of the log jam on its 1,2 kilometers, the work site and administrative surveillance by the Engineering firm ROCHE, the project management by the SGRG as well as a four year program of salmon run monitoring and cleaning of any new wood accumulation in the St-Jean River delta.

The log jam dismantlement project is done, in part, with a contribution from the Programme Interactions Communautaires.  The financing of this joint program, which is attached to the Plan d’action Saint-Laurent 2011-2026, is shared between Environnement Canada and the ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement, de la Faune et des Parcs du Québec.  The project is also funded by; the Ministère de l’économie de l’innovation et des exportations,  the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Fund, the Fondation de la faune du Québec, the Greater Gaspe salmon fund, the town of Gaspe, the Municipalité Régionale de Comté de la Côte-de-Gaspé, the St-Jean Salmon Club and the Société de gestion des rivères de Gaspé.