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Dear salmon angler,

Salmon season is just over that we are already thinking for the 2018 winter draw. We therefore invite you to participate in the preseason draw that will be held on November 1st 2017.  and by the following with to inform you of the different attribution modalities for limited sectors on the York, Dartmouth and St-Jean Rivers of Gaspe.


there are 2 ways to register to the preseason draw:

  1. By filling out (1) one paper registration form per rive and send it by mail or fax by noon October 31st .
  2. Online at by noon October 31st

There is a maximum of 10 entries per river.Each entry cost 7.00 $ (all tax included ).

For those who will not obtain reservations through the preseason draw, we invite you to fish in the unlimited sectors and to participate in the 48 h draws during the 2018 season for access to limited sectors.


A list of winners will be posted on as soon as possible after the draw.  However, if you do not wish that your name be shown on the list, please inform us in writing.     Your name, rank, and city will be the published information.  All winners will receive a written confirmation of their rank.  Non-winners will not be informed.


For more information,comments or suggestions,please write at or contact us at 1-866-332-2324 .






Good luck in the draw and I hope to see you next season.



Mathieu Côté,





Société de Gestion des Rivières De Gaspé Inc.

25, boul. York est, Gaspe (Qc)   G4X 2K9

Tel: 418-368-2324, fax: 418-368-7353         Toll-free: 1-866-332-2324


Office Hours:

October 1st to May 23rd, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

During fishing seaso­n ­:

May 24th to June 20th and August 1st to September 30th 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

June 21st to July 31st every day from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.



Fishing periods for the York, Dartmouth and St-Jean:  May 25th to September 30th.


Catch and release (large salmon) periods (possibility of keeping 2 grilses/day)

York:                     May 25th to june 30th(included).and September 1st to September 30th .

Sector 11 and 12 entire season.

Dartmouth:         May 25th to July 31st. Sector 7 entire season.

St-Jean:                 May 25th to July 31st.



York River
  • 8 limited zones and 4 unlimited zones, (70 Pools) 55 kilometers.
Dartmouth River
  • 4 limited zones and 3 unlimited zones, (51 Pools) 25 kilometers.

St-Jean River

–        Sectors 1 & 2 limited zones, (22 pools) 16 kilometers.

–      Sector 4, the Pavilion: American plan, reservations by phone 418-368-2324 or 1-866-332-2324, November 1st.




–  Access to pools by car

York River: paved road.

Dartmouth River: dirt road.

St –Jean River: dirt road.

–  Wading pools, no canoes are required, except for the lower part of sector 4 of the York in high     water conditions and also sector 2 of the St-Jean.

–  Guides are not mandatory; however private guides offer their services to those interested.

418-368-2324 or 1-866-332-2324.







250 winners will be drawn for the York, 130 winners  for the Dartmouth and 150 winners for the St-Jean on November 1st.


Winners will be called on Monday November 20th  , between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).  It is expected that it may take 5 days to reach all the winners.  It is important that you indicate the phone numbers where you can be reached.  If you expect to be away during that period, please indicate the name and phone number of another person to contact.  The reservation process will not be delayed for someone that cannot be reached.


Winners will be granted 2 days (2 rods/day) fishing according to their choices and availability.  However, he/she cannot reserve more than one day in a two (2) rod zone for the York and St-Jean Rivers, the other day must be chosen among the other sectors offered.  If you do not obtain reservations through the November 1st preseason draw, you may obtain reservations (according to availability) through the Phone reservations for residual or unpaid rods or the 20 % affectation rule, or during the 2018 season through the 48 h draws.






-1)  Pre-season draw : November 1st

-2) Reservations for residual or unpaid rods (by phone) :

Saturday January 20th  2018, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (Eastern Time):  Exclusively reserved for participants in the preseason draw.


January 22nd 2018 to February 2nd  2018, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Eastern Time)

This applies to those who did not obtain reservations on a river from our November 1st pre-season draw. Procedures for allocation of fishing days and sectors are similar to those of our November 1st draw.

3)   As of Monday February 5th 2018 should any rods still be available, they will be sold by phone to anyone interested.  No restrictions as to the number of days will apply.

4)  During the fishing season: 48 hr reservations, everyday.








Reservations obtained through the November 1st draw as well as reservations obtained by phone between January 20th  and February 2nd  cannot, in any case including the extension of the release periods, be refunded or transferred to another person.



Rods available in the pre-season draw, with the exception of the rods described in note 1.


York River:

Zone  2   :  2 rods per day, one day out of three.

Zone  3   :  2 rods per day, one day out of three.

Zone  4   :  6 rods per day.

Zone  6   :  4 rods per day.

Zone  8   :  2 rods per day, one day out of three

Zone  9   :  2 rods per day.

Zone 11  :  2 rods per day, one day out of three


Dartmouth River:

Zone  2   :  2 rods per day.

Zone  4   :  2 rods per day, two days out of three.

Zone  6   :  2 rods per day, two days out of three.

Zone  7   :  2 rods per day, one day out of three.


St-Jean River:

Zone  1   :  6 rods per day.

Zone  2   :  2 rods per day, one day out of two.



Note 1


York River  : (2 rods per day)

Zone  2   :  June 19th  and July21st and 25th .

Zone  3   :  June 23rd , July 11th , 12th  and 20th .

Zone  4   :  June 22nd  and July 19th .

Zone  6   :  July 9th .

Zone  8   :  July 12th , August 8th  and 17th .

Zone  9   :  July 26th   and August 10th .

Zone 12  :  No rods available in the pre-season draw.


Dartmouth River  : (2 rods per day)

Zone  2   :  June 4th  , July 1st and 16th

Zone  4   : june 22nd,july 16 th, July 19th ,july 30th

Zone  6   :  July 26th  and   August 1st .

Zone  7   :  August 17th , 23 rd and 25rd  and September 8th   .


St-Jean River  : (2 rods per day)

Zone  1   :   June 10th  and 21st , July 7th  and 17th   .

Zone  2   :   June 8th , 15th , 17th , 24rd   and 29th .

July 3rd , 6th , 11th , 15th , 22nd  and 29th .